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Sculptured Homes, LLC/LTD collects personal information from our users through our interactive forms. 'Personal information' is defined as any information that is associated with the user's name. This information is limited to what is provided by our users and is used for the purposes specified.

Sculptured Homes, LLC/LTD may share your information with one of our distributors or sales people in order to service your request, but we will not share your personal information with any other third party without your permission.


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The Sculptured Homes web site was created for our Internet audience. Every effort was made to make this site useful, enjoyable and accessible. If you encounter any difficulties viewing or accessing any aspect of this site or have any comments or questions regarding this site, please contact our webmaster here.


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The items accessible through this web site are provided solely for the use of our Internet audience. This web site and all content is the property of Sculptured Homes, LLC/LTD.

Data obtained by accessing these pages may be used for personal, noncommercial display and review purposes only. You may also make hard-copy printouts of the data for personal, noncommercial display and review purposes only. Internet search engines or indexing services, may copy portions of pages relevant to an index for cataloging and search purposes.

Any further usage of the web site material requires the expressed written permission of Sculptured Homes, LLC/LTD.


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Current Partners selling and installing Sculptured Homes WetSpas
Sculptured Homes creates innovative, turn-key solutions that reflect uncompromising quality, comfort and style. We work with one goal in mind: to provide customers a seamless packaged solution with options and accessories that suit their design and functional requirements.

Our product ships in one complete package and in one single shipment; eliminating the frustration and wasted resources often associated with researching, ordering and then waiting for individual parts to arrive to the job site. Our standardised selection of colour and finish options compliments a broad range of interior design requirements and we will work with you when your customer requires something special or unique.

Our in-house sales and customer support team provide our customers with "straight from the manufacturer" personalised attention. You will receive the same high level of support and service whether you are procuring one individual WetSpa or multiple units for a hotel, resort, gym or multi-resident construction.

Please complete the Contact Form on the Become a Partner page of this website or Contact Us directly via telephone or email if your firm has the interest to partner with us or become a distributor of the WetSpa.