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An Engineered WetSpa Solution
The WetSpa is the fusion of world class design, meticulous engineering, and the highest quality materials available on the market today. It is a complete, self-contained system of engineered parts configured to suit a variety of design and space requirements. A number of parts slot together to fit within a variety of installation applications. The result is the distinction of being the first commercially available product of its kind.

The WetSpa combines qualities that too often fail to coexist: aesthetic pleasure and functionality, uniqueness and reliability, old world craftsmanship and high tech engineering. The result is peace of mind, embodied in a unique patent pending design, engineered to withstand the demands of commercial and residential use.

Choices include size and style of WetSpa, optional steam generator and controls, shower fixtures (e.g. Dornbracht, Kallista, Kohler, and Grohe) glass, floor and splash panel finishes and fibre-optic lighting configuration. The result is a personalised, spa-like environment that offers the ultimate showering experience.


The WetSpa Value Proposition